Unabated Palestinian terrorism: One killed, over 20 wounded in 4 attacks in Jerusalem and Ra’anana

The scene of the attack in Jerusalem's East TalpiotThe scene of the attack in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot

One person was killed and over 20 people were wounded in four terror attacks in Jerusalem and Ra’anana, near Tel Aviv, on Tuesday morning.

One person was killed and 17 others critically and seriously wounded in two simultaneous attacks in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot and Geula neighborhoods.

Sixteen were wounded in a shooting attack at a bus in East Talpiot, a neighborhood also known as Armon HaNetziv. Stabbing was also reported.

On Malkhei Yisrael Street in Geula, a terrorist drove a car into a bus stop, and then left the vehicle and started stabbing passersby. Five were wounded in the attack.

Earlier, one Israeli was lightly wounded in a stabbing attack in Ra’anana while waiting for the bus not far from the city hall on Ahuza Street, a major thoroughfare in the Sharon plains city.

A terrorist, resident of East Jerusalem, attempted to stab him. He fought off the terrorist and was hurt in the struggle. Other civilians came to his aid and helped him overpower the terrorist, who was lightly wounded.

Magen David Adom paramedics evacuated the wounded Israeli, 32, to the Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba with stab wounds to his upper body.

Ra’anana mayor Ze’ev Bielski, who spoke to the victim, said the man told him he suspected the stabber.

“He said, ‘I saw there was something about him’ – and that is why the stab wounds were likely not where the stabber wanted and the victim fought him and managed to come out in reasonable condition,” Bielski told Ynet.

Large police forces from the Sharon plains district arrived at the scene following the attack.

Since the Rosh HaShana last month, five Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded in a shooting, a stoning and a series of stabbings.

‪On Tuesday, two stabbing attacks in Jerusalem took place in the Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev and Ammunition Hill.

‪Two young Palestinian brothers, 13 and 15 year old, from Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, first stabbed a Jewish man on a bicycle and then slit the throat of a 13-year-old Jewish boy before they were neutralized by police and a passerby. The boy is in a critical condition after an operation in the Hadassah Medical Centre. The boy’s live was saved by a woman who saw what happened and used first aid to stop the bleeding.

‪After more than one week of unabated Palestinian violence, it has become clear that elements in the Palestinian leadership as well as Arab members of the Knesset are fueling the flames in order to incite attacks against Israeli Jews.

‪The incitement includes the continued propagation of false claims against Israel, in particular about the status quo on the Temple Mount.

‪”Incitement comes in different forms,” says journalist  Khaled Abu Toameh, a Palestinian affairs expert. “There is the kind that Abu Mazen (PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) systematically engages in to rile up his population , and there is also the kind that is spread and fostered by peers and activists, who use social media as a tool to organize riots and encourage one another to become ‘martyrs’ for the cause.”

‪Abu Toameh points to examples of the postings on the Facebook pages of the young knife-wielding terrorists, whose actions have led to the deaths of five Israelis and the wounding of dozens of others in the last month – since the eve of Rosh Hashanah on September 8 – alone.

‪”Each one of the killers had said he or she was prepared and even happy to die for the cause of murdering Jews,” he says. “And they are buying into Abu Mazen’s lies about how the Temple Mount is being abused by Israel.”

‪According to Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli NGO devoted to monitoring incitement in the official Palestinian Authority-run press, in addition to sermons in Palestinian mosques and text books used to educate Palestinian children.