Stabbing and vehicle attacks against Israelis continue, Victim dies of his wounds

Israeli police at the scene of a stabbing attack in Beit ShemeshIsraeli police at the scene of a stabbing attack in Beit Shemesh

The wave of stabbing and vehicle attacks against Israelis continued Sunday as six Israelis were wounded in three separate incidents, while a fourth attack occurred early Monday morning.

In the meantime, Sgt. Benjamin Yaakovovich, a 19-year old border guard, died of wounds sustained in a vehicle ramming attack at Hilhul Junction last week.  His family removed him from a respirator after he was confirmed as brain-dead in order that his organs could be donated to others.

Twelve Israelis have been killed and 120 wounded since the wave of attacks started end of September.

On Sunday, four Israelis including a pregnant woman were wounded when a Palestinian rammed his car into a hitchhiking stop at the Tapuach Junction in the West Bank, a major intersection on Route 60,. The attacker was shot at the scene.

Later that morning, a Palestinian woman approached a guard at the gate to Beitar Ilit in  the Gush Etzion area  and attempted to gain entry. In a video widely shared online, the woman can be seen talking calmly to the guard until she reaches into her bag, produces a knife and lunges at him. The guard received minor injuries and the attacker was evacuated to hospital.

On Sunday afternoon, an Israeli man was shopping in a Palestinian village when he was stabbed in the chest by two assailants. The attackers escaped.

Monday morning another stabbing attack took place near to Nabi Elias, also carried out by two attackers. The victim avoided serious injury and one of the attackers was shot at the scene while the other escaped.

Sunday’s attacks came after a number of other attacks on Israelis on Friday and Saturday, including several in Hebron.

In other security news, a rocket was fired last night from Gaza into Israel, landing in an open area the Sha’ar Hanegev region near to the strip. The Israel Air Force responded overnight, striking a Hamas installation.