Two Israelis killed in stabbing attack by Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv

The entrance to the synagogue where one victim tried to flee his attacker.The entrance to the synagogue where one victim tried to flee his attacker.

Two Israelis have been killed and another wounded in a stabbing attack by a  Palestinian terrorist in south Tel Aviv on Thursday.

Police said that the terrorist, a 36-year-old Palestinian from the village of Dura near Hebron. attempted to flee the scene, but was apprehended by civilians who subdued him until police forces arrived on the scene. The suspect was arrested and taken in for questioning.

Police searched the area to ensure that the terrorist did not have an accomplice.

The stabbing took place at the Panarama high-rise office building on Ben Tzvi Street, outside of a Judaica store where prayer minha (midday afternoon) services were being held.

The Palestinian perpetrator then went to a lower floor and continued his spree, until he was partially subdued by a civilian, who hit him with a metal pipe. Police then handcuffed him and ushered him into a shop, where they began an interrogation.

One man was pronounced dead on the scene after efforts to resuscitate him failed. MDA paramedics transported two wounded people, one in critical condition and one moderately wounded, to Sourasky Medical Center in the city.  The critically wounded man was later pronounced dead at the hospital, bringing the death toll in the attack to two.

Eyewitness Shimon Vaknin said the prayer service had just started when a man covered in blood fell on a number of worshipers. Vaknin said he and the rest of the worshipers – around 15 to 20 – pushed the attacker outside and barricaded the door while he shouted in Arabic and continued to try to force his way back in. Others tried to treat the wounded man until paramedics arrived.

The terror attack marked the first such incident in Tel Aviv in over a month, when a young Palestinian man armed with a screwdriver stabbed a female soldier and wounded four more bystanders before he was shot and killed by an Air Force officer who happened to be on the scene.