Tel Aviv pub shooter killed by Israeli security forces in Wadi Ara

Tel Aviv pub Tel Aviv pub

Nashat Melhem, the terrorist who killed three people in Tel Aviv a week ago, was shot dead by security forces at a mosque in Arara, in northern Israel, on Friday afternoon.

When Shin Bet, the country’s security agency, and police counter-terrorism (YAMAM) forces arrived at the Wadi Ara mosque at around 4:20pm, Melhem exited the building, trying to escape, and opened fire at them with the same weapon he used to commit the Tel Aviv attack.

The troops returned fire and shot him dead.

Shin Bet intelligence led the troops to the mosque.

Hundreds of police officers had deployed in northern Israel and in the Tel Aviv area Friday, and inspection checkpoints were set up at several locations, a week after the deadly shooting attack by Milhem at a bar on Tel Aviv’s busy Dizengoff Street.

Milhem killed two people outside the Simta bar last Friday, before he went on to murder a cab driver whose taxi he hailed to make his escape. Shift manager Alon Bakal, 26, and patron Shimon Ruimi, 30, were killed in a hail of bullets as the suspected gunman opened fire with a submachine gun he allegedly stole from his father. Seven people were also wounded.

Milhem was known to have fled the scene of the shooting on Dizengoff Street on foot, and hailed a cab on nearby Ibn Gabirol Street. The cabbie drove to north Tel Aviv, where Milhem worked. There, Milhem is said to have killed the driver, Ayman Shaaban, outside the city’s Mandarin Hotel. He then drove the cab himself to Namir Road, where he abandoned it near a bus stop.