International conference Middle East turmoil & fight against terror

08-Conference-FlyerWe have the pleasure to invite you to the international conference organised by EIPA, Europe Israel Press Association, on July 11 in Brussels.For your information, EIPA is a European press association bringing together journalists, media professionals and experts who cover the news from the Middle East and particularly Israel.

The conference will adress 3 main issues :

– The need for a comparative approach to fight against terrorism
– The Israeli-Palestinian peace process 50 years after the Six-Day War
– The overview of the situation of the Palestinian National Movement

François Heisbourg and Claude Moniquet, 2 European leading antiterrorism experts will take part in the first panel together with Yossi Kuperwasser (see below).

We will also have the pleasure to welcome 3 Israeli and Palestinian leading antiexperts of international renown:

– Mike Herzog : Milton Fine International Fellow at the Washingon Institute for Near East Policy, Mike Herzog is res. Brigadier General. He has participated in every talks with the Palestinians, Jordanians and Syrians since the Madrid conference until the last round of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations under the aegis of John Kerry in 2013-2014. He held the highest office in the Ministry of of Defense and was special adviser to Ehud Barak, Amir Peretz, Shaul Mofaz and Binyamin Ben-Eliezer.

– Bassem Eid : founder and director of the Palestinian NGO Human Rights Monitoring Group, he is an analyst and a specialist of the Palestinian national movement. He is currently the President of the Center for Near East Policy Research.

– Yossi Kuperwasser : Director for the Middle East at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and fellow researcher at the International Institute for Counter-terrorism (ICT), Yossi Kuperwasser was the former Director of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs . He played a key role in the Israeli counter-terrorism strategy as the Head of the Research Division of the Military Intelligence Directorate (AMAN).