The First Lebanon War 1982

In the late 1970s, Israel's northern cities have been under constant threat of Palestinian terror attacks from Lebanon.

While Israel has long sought a peaceful northern border, Lebanon's position as a haven for terrorist groups has made this objective impossible.

Israeli strikes and commando raids were unable to stem the growth of this PLO organized terror groups.

As the situation in the Galilee became intolerable with frequent attacks forcing thousands of residents to flee their homes or to spend large amounts of time in bomb shelters, Israel was not prepared to wait for more deadly attacks to be launched against its civilian population before acting against the terrorists.

On June 6, 1982, following a Palestinian attempt to assassinate Israel's Ambassador to Great Britain, Shlomo Argov, the IDF moved into Lebanon to drive out the terrorists during “Operation Peace for Galilee”, that marked the beginning of the first Lebanon War.

The initial success of the Israeli operation led officials to broaden the objective to expel the PLO from Lebanon and induce the country's leaders to sign a peace treaty.

When the IDF captured Beirut, the civilian population was forced to suffer because of the PLO's refusal to surrender. The PLO also adopted a strategy of controlled violations of cease¬fires, with the purpose of inflicting casualties on Israel and provoking Israeli retaliation sufficient to get the IDF blamed for disrupting the negotiations and harming civilians.

In numerous cases, the media mistakenly reported that Israel was hitting civilian targets in areas where no military ones were nearby.

The national unity government that took office in 1984 decided to withdraw from Lebanon, leaving behind a token force to help the South Lebanese Army (which Israel had long supported) patrol a security zone near Israel's border
Although the IDF succeeded in driving the PLO out of Lebanon, it did not end the terrorist threats from that country.

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