The Israel-EU Chamber of Commerce

The 'Israel-European Union Chamber of Commerce and Industry' is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to promote, strengthen and encourage bilateral trade relations.

The Chamber focuses on trade and investment in industry, agriculture, research and development, infrastructure, telecom, etc.

It started its activity in May 2007 and is aiming to increase the understanding of the bilateral European chambers of commerce, as well as businessmen that work in EU states, in terms of importance of economic relations and business cooperation between Israel and EU Member States.

It has organized celebrative events to mark the entrance of relevant European Member State to the Presidency in the European Union, and cooperates with different European embassies in organization of this semiannual events.

These events take place either in an Embassy, or in the Ambassador's residence and is aimed at chairmen of European Chambers, heads of economic organizations, representatives of Israeli ministries and Ambassadors.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry cooperates on a regular basis with the Israel Export Institute in organizing professional seminars on export regulations issues. These meetings are usually aimed for exporters, importers and the heads of Israeli companies working in European countries.

On daily bases, the Israel-EU Chamber of Commerce and Industry follows trade and economic developments between Israel and the EU, as well as ratification of trade agreements that are relevant to the industry and other sectors of Israel’s economy.

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