Chief of General Staff

The head commander of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is known as the Commander in Chief or Chief of General Staff.

The Chief of General Staff holds the highest rank in the IDF, which is equivalent to Lieutenant General. This position is appointed by the Government of Israel and is subordinate to the Defense Minister.

As a result of the importance of the IDF to the state of Israel and its society, the position is of great significance.

Many former Chiefs of Staff started a political career after their army service.

List of IDF Chiefs of Staff:

Yaacov Dori (1947-1949)
Yigal Yadin (1949-1952)
Mordechai Maklef (1952-1953)
Moshe Dayan (1953-1958)
Chaim Laskov (1958-1961)
Tzvi Tzur (1961-1964)
Yitzhak Rabin (1964-1968)
Chaim Bar Lev (1968-1972)
David Elazar (1972-1974)
Mordechai Gur (1974-1978)
Rafael Eitan (1978-1983)
Moshe Levi (1983-1987)
Dan Shomron (1987-1991)
Ehud Barak (1991-1995)
Amnon Lipkin-Shahak (1995-1998)
Shaul Mofaz (1998-2002)
Moshe Ya'alon (2002-2005)
Dan Halutz (2005-2007)
Gabi Ashkenazi (2007-2011)
Benny Gantz (2011-presence)

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