The Security Fence

The Israeli government decided to start the construction of a high–tech smart security fence along the 1967 green line in order to prevent Palestinian terrorists from infiltrating into Israel and executing acts of terror.

Hundreds of people had been killed and thousands wounded in the surge of Palestinian terror attacks against civilians that followed the second intifada in September 2000.

There is no debate on the success of the security fence in preventing terror attacks against Israeli citizens and in saving lives.

From the beginning of the intifada in September 2000 until the construction of the first continuous segment of the security fence at the end of July 2003, Palestinian terrorists carried out 73 attacks in which 293 Israelis were killed and 1950 wounded. In 2002, the year before construction started, 457 Israelis were killed in Palestinian acts of terror compared to 8 killed in 2009.

Since the construction of the fence began, the number of attacks has declined by more than 90%. And the number of Israelis murdered and wounded has decreased by more than 70% and 85%, respectively.

The Israeli government is making efforts to exclude Palestinian villages from the area within the fence and no territories are being annexed.

The land used in building the security fence is not confiscated, and it remains the property of the owner.