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    • The Kingdom of David and Solomon (1077-997 BC) King David ruled Israel from 990 BC to 968 BC; and his son Solomon ruled after him until 928 BC. David enlarged his kingdom and brought it to the peak of political and military power. Solomon “ruled over all the kingdoms west of the Euphrates River from Tiphsah to Gaza; he was at peace with all his neighbors” (I Kings, 4:24). 

The Kingdom of David and Solomon 1077 - 997 BCEClick on picture to enlarge

    • The Herodian Period (30 BC to 70 AD) King Herod, of Edomite extraction, was king of Israel from 40 BC to 4 BC. He was appointed by Rome and conquered the kingdom from the Hasmoneans. When Augustus became the Roman Caesar in the year 30 BC, Herod convinced him of his loyalty, and Augustus rewarded him by adding Jericho, the coastal region south of Dor and the region east of the Sea of Galilee. In 23 BC, he was given the Bashan, Horen, and Tarchon regions, and three years later, the Golan Heights. 

Kingdom of Herod - 30 BC to 70 AD

    • Jews in the Land of Israel (7th-11th Centuries) After the death of Emperor Julian II, in 363 CE, most of the Jewish settlements in the south were destroyed. The Jews remained mainly in the Galilee and in the larger cities. 





Pre-State Maps
Setting the Southern Border (1906)
Setting the Northern Border (1916-1923)
British Mandate
Separation of Transjordan (1922)
UN Partition Plan (1947)

Israel’s Changing Borders
Armistice Lines (1949-1967)
The Frontier with Syria
Armistice Agreement with Jordan (1949)
Jewish Communities Lost in the War of Independence
Jerusalem Before the Six Day War (1949-1967)

June 1967 – Six Day War
Events leading to the Six Day War (1967)
Israel After the Six Day War (June 10, 1967)
Jerusalem After the Six Day War (1967)
Old City of Jerusalem

October 1973 – Yom Kippur War

Yom Kippur War Cease-Fire Lines (October 24, 1973)
Golan Heights Cease-Fire Lines (October 1973)
Israel-Syria Disengagement Agreement (May 1974)

Peace with Egypt
Interim Agreement with Egypt (1975)
Peace Treaty with Egypt and Sinai Redeployment (1980-1982)
Israel’s Disengagement Plan (2005)

Modern Day Israel
Israel and the Region
Judea and Samaria
Old City of Jerusalem
Golan Heights

Terror Maps
1948-1967: Major Terror Attacks
1967-1993: Major Terror Attacks
1993-2000: Major Terror Attacks
2000-2006: Major Terror Attacks

Threats & Topography
Regional Threats to Israel
Samaria Cross-Section
Golan Heights Cross-Section
Israel’s Narrow Waistline

Area Comparison in square kilometers / miles
Population (in millions)
Population density (people per square kilometer / mile)
Gross National Product in billions of dollars (year 2000)
GNP per capita in dollars (year 2000)
Literacy rate (percentage of population)
Live birth rate (per 1000 people)
Armed Forces – Number of Soldiers
Weaponry Comparisons
Israel Size Comparisons

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