Environmental Policies

The Israeli Environmental Protection policy is based upon a long-term vision and is developing the tools necessary for implementing this policy.

The multi-annual targets which have been formulated by the ministry include:

1. Minimization of emissions and wastes which damage the environment and human health.
2. Protection, increased efficiency of use and rehabilitation of environmental resources and ecosystems for future generations.
3. Prevention and reduction of population exposure to risks and hazards.
4. Increased capacity to confront and prepare for environmental risks (climate change, chemicals, pests, etc.)
5. Fair distribution of environmental costs and benefits among different population groups.
6. Improved access to a high quality environment for public wellbeing.
7. Promotion and use of Israeli environmental technologies.
8. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of policy tools: regulatory, informative, economic and operational to achieve ministerial targets.

Israel has received positive feedback from the OECD’s Chemicals Committee and its Working Party on Chemicals Pesticides and Biotechnology regarding its implementation of the organization’s policies in these fields.

The Committee found that Israel’s compliance with its obligations in the areas of chemicals and waste management was successful and satisfactory, the Environmental Protection Ministry said on its website.