National Parks & Reserves

The archaeology and geography of Israel offers historic and interesting sites that are worldwide known.

All the sites are protected by the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority, which conserves the sites, and make them accessible for the public.

On the 150 nature reserves, there are many species of wild plants, fish, birds and mammals.

Some of the sites are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Masada, Megido… Also there are parks in Israel which are located at archaeological sites such as Ashkelon. Ein Gedi, Yarkon National Park and Cesaria and are some of the popular national parks in Israel, which are visited often by tourists and locals.

Israel has a variety of sites from the north to the south. Here are a few of the “famous” ones:

• Beit Guvrin National Park
• Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park
• Sde Boker National Park
• Harod Spring National Park
• Herodion National Park
• Hermon National Park
• Masada National Park
• Ramon Park
• Tel Megiddo National Park
• Yarkon National Park
• Nahal Amud
• Ashdod Nitzanim Sand Dune Park
• Coral Beach Nature Reserve
• Ein Gedi Nature Reserve
• Gamla Nature Reserve
• Hula Valley Nature Reserve
• Rosh HaNikra
• Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

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