Main Newspapers

The freedom of press in Israel is protected by the country’s basic laws.

There are four major newspapers in Israel. Other newspapers are distributed in smaller scopes to specific sectors such as religious, foreign language speakers, economic, etc.

1. Yedioth Aharonoth
A daily newspaper founded in 1939. It is owned by a media group which consists of local newspapers and other media channels. Like most newspapers, Yedioth established in 2000 YNET, one of the most watched news websites in Israel.

2. Maariv
Established in 1948, Maariv was a leading daily newspaper for many years but today its market share is much smaller. Last year, the newspaper was sold to the owner of another newspaper called Makor Rishon.

3. Haaretz
This daily newspaper was founded in 1918 and is published both in Hebrew and in English. Haaretz is considered as a left liberal newspaper, especially regarding domestic and foreign issues.

4. Israel Hayom
The meaning of Israel Hayom is Israel Today. A daily free newspaper established in 2007, it is today considered to be the most distributed newspaper in Israel.

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