Main Radio & TV stations

Israel has three leading TV channels and three leading radio stations. Although internet news studios became an increasing trend, news on TV channels maintain their high rating.

Channel 2
Beginning its broadcasting in 1993, Channel 2 is the leading channel in Israel, consist of the leading newscast. Channel 2 was the first commercial TV channel established in Israel. It began broadcasting in 1993. It is today the leading news channel. It has two concessionaires or operators: Keshet and Reshet. Like most of media, the concessionaires of Channel 2 have established an online channel.

Channel 10
Channel 10 started its broadcasting on 2002. The channel operates a news company and other entertainment shows, and also established a website with online transmission. The channel interviews important public figures.

Channel 1
Channel 1 started broadcasting in black and white colors on 1968, and was called the Israeli TV. It is owned by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) which is Israel's state broadcasting network.

Galei Tzahal
Galei Tzahal is the army radio station, operated by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). It started its transmission in 1950 and was the first radio station in Israel that used colloquial Hebrew. The station has an online transmission on its website and it offers news, music, etc.

Kol Yisrael
Kol Yisrael which means ‘The voice of Israel’ is the public radio service of Israel, owned by the Israel Broadcasting Authority. The station that started to broadcast on 1947 received its name with the Declaration of Independence of Israel. There are several radio stations of the Kol Yisrael network, including Reshet Aleph and Reshet Bet.

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Channel 2

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