Government Ministries

Based on the distribution of votes to the political parties, the Israeli Prime Minister appoints heads of government departments, which are the government ministries.

The legislative branch of Israel, the Knesset or parliament, has the authority to approve the composition of the government.

The government consists of ministries which are responsible each for a different realm of public affairs.

Although different Prime Ministers assembled different governments according to the needs and political status, there are common ministries which operate through most of the governments.

For example the Ministries of Finance, of Justice, of Foreign Affairs, of Industry, Trade and Labor and of Health.

Usually, the head of a ministry will be a political appointment and will be a member of the Knesset, but there is also a possibility to appoint a professional or expert. For example appointing an economist to be the Minister of Finance or to appoint a scientist to be the Minister of Science and Technology.

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