International Science collaboration

The Government of Israel through the OCS has signed agreements together with other governments to actively support and encourage industrial R&D cooperation between Israeli and overseas industries. International industrial R&D cooperation will usually include access to know-how and technologies that are not otherwise readily available to the participants as well as access to new markets.

Matimop, the Israeli Industry Center for R&D, operates international R&D agreements on behalf of the OCS with Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden, Denmark, India, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Greece, China, Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ontario (Canada), Maryland (USA) and Victoria (Australia).

The programs enable access to sources of national and regional funding; Israeli companies taking part in these programs are entitled to receive R&D grants from the OCS.

Israel is the only non-European country fully associated with the EU’s Framework Program for Research and Development. The Framework Program is the main facilitator for research funding in Europe, bringing together industrial and academic research.

The US-Israel Science & Technology Commission creates an infrastructure for bi-national collaboration at the highest levels of government, academia and industry.

The Commission acts for the removal of impediments and the development of a seamless work environment for conducting R&D collaboration and maximizing the contribution of science and technology to economic growth.

The Commission focuses on Life Sciences, Clean Technology, Homeland Security, Aerospace, Renewed Energy, Water Technology, and Personalized Healthcare.