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Thank you for taking an interest in EIPA and our work.
It’s frustrating isn’t it that all to often the EU-Israel relationship is viewed solely through the conflict and peace process?

We know there is so much more that Israel can offer the EU, and vice-versa, in trade, environment, high tech, health and Agriculture to name just four of many, many more.

This is what we do.

Over the next few pages you can find out more about us and our work. We also invite you to get involved in our campaigns.
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Who we are?

Europe Israel Public Affairs is the only secular and non-partisan lobby group working at the heart of the EU Institutions.

Based in Brussels, right beside the European Commission, European Council and within easy reach of the European Parliament, our team of lobbyists and communications experts is dedicated to a simple objective:

Connecting Europe and Israel.

What’s going on?

On the EU agenda

Delegation for relations with Israel – European Parliament 26th March 2018

(In the presence of Members of the Jerusalem City)

Next Monday at 5.00 P.M. at the European Parliament will take place the official meeting of the Delegation for relations with Israel. The debate will focus on The role of women in the city hall of Jerusalem: how diversity and interconnection turn into a good administration.


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