What we do

What we do and how we do it

Of course here at EIPA we do deal with conflict related issues, from briefings between MEPs, Commissioners and staffers and key high-profile Israeli political representatives, strategic thinkers, defence experts and academics; to events and political initiatives that ensure that Israel’s position, across party lines and in its entirety, is articulated and heard loud and clear. We bring them to Israel too, so they can see, hear and feel for themselves how things are on the ground.

But what makes us unique is our ability to reach the parts that other organisations can’t reach. We talk about Israel to politicians and staffers in a way that relates to them. Whether that’s Green MEPs about Israeli green energy, or the Agriculture Commissioner and his cabinet about Israeli water management or Transport Committee members about life saving Israeli road safety initiatives.

We follow this up by bringing MEPs and key staffers to Israel, showing them these projects and initiatives first hand, allowing relationships to develop and networks to be built.

We strive to get the widest possible audience in the EU Institutions relating, interacting and connecting with Israel outside the usual prism of conflict or peace process.

But we can’t do any of this valuable work without political support. Our political board is made up of MEPs from across the political spectrum and across different policy lines, increasing our reach and influence at the heart of the EU. To find out more about our political board, please click here.

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