Gaza residents slam Hamas for their suffering, Hamas spokesman beaten

Weapons caught inside an underground tunnel used by HamasWeapons caught inside an underground tunnel used by Hamas

A surprising televised report from Gaza showed residents last week busily going about their lives, shopping in a bustling and well-stocked marketplace, despite the nearly month-long conflict between Israel and Gaza’s rulers Hamas.

The report featured voices seldom heard, including Gazans with harsh words for the Hamas government, and a yearning for peace with Israel.

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), a US-based channel, which aired the segment last Thursday, said the surprising attitudes reflected a poll taken days before the conflict began that found 70 per cent of Gazans supported better relations with Israel.

George Thomas, Senior Correspondent for CBN, interviewed several Gazans in the marketplace, including the local pita bread baker, and women at a community centre.

Raghda Hejazi, a mother of five, said, “We need peace with the Jewish people, good relations, not war.”

“Hamas needs to find a way to solve these differences with Israel, America and Arab countries,” she said.

Salim Hejazi said, “My message to the Israelis and Palestinians is find a way to solve the issues so we can live an honourable life, a good life.”

She said, “We need to be united and have peace.”

Most surprisingly, after reports of intimidation by Hamas and the execution of dozens accused of collaborating with Israel, CBN spoke to Faiza Ahmed Za’aneen, a woman whose family was reported to have ties to the regime, who openly criticized the government on camera.

“The government in Gaza doesn’t do anything,” she said. “Even on the radio, they don’t talk about how we are suffering,” referring to the local propaganda that only paints Israel as suffering casualties. “May Allah curse them!”

See the CBN video report :

Another media report even mentioned that Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri was beaten near the Shifa Hospital, by Gaza residents blaming Hamas for the killing and destruction they suffered.

Abu Zuhri had arrived at the hospital for an interview with a news outlet. The residents blamed Hamas for the death of family members and for destruction of their homes. Armed Hamas terrorists from the Izzedine al-Kassam Brigades extricated Abu Zuri and arrested the angry residents.

Arabic website said that reporters in Gaza are well aware of the incident but are afraid to report it, because Hamas’s security agency could go after them if they do.

A week ago, Palestinian sources reported that over 30 Palestinians were executed by Hamas, most of them in the Shejaiya neighbourhood. Hamas claimed that they were collaborators with Israel.

Israel’s Channel 10 said that Hamas executed 20 residents of Shejaiya who had dared demonstrate against Hamas.