Government Press Office – GPO

The Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) is responsible – on behalf of the Prime Minister's Office – for the coordination between the Government of Israel and the community of journalists and media personnel working in Israel.

For the foreign press corps, the GPO serves as the central address for contact with the government and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The office works to facilitate appropriate media coverage of key elements in Israel, state visits and foreign VIPs visiting Israel.

The GPO issues press cards for permanently stationed and visiting journalists, as well as a range of cards for other media personnel (broadcast technicians, documentary film producers, media assistants,….).

The GPO offers media representatives a briefing room, television studio and professional support materials.

Located in Jerusalem, it is equipped to operate in Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian, thanks to the professional staff in its various departments.

A separate department deals with the economic press.

The GPO regularly monitors articles in the overseas press regarding the State of Israel and forwards a daily summary to the relevant Government offices.

It also distributes daily summaries – in English – of the main items in the Hebrew-language press to foreign correspondents stationed in Israel.

The Photography Department of the GPO, is responsible for photographing the President and Prime Minister at official events and press conferences in Israel and abroad.

The Photography Department also manages the National Photo Collection, which includes tens of thousands of photographs starting from before the establishment of the state up to the present.

The director is named by the Government. The current Director (as of 2013) is Nitzan Chen.

Contact info:

Jerusalem Technology Park
1 Agudat Sport Hapoel St.
Building #4, 4th Floor
Jerusalem Phone: 02-5007501/2

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