Europe Israel Press Association is an organization working at the heart of Europe, providing accurate Information, briefings and first-hand media trips about Israel and the Middle East.

Based in Brussels, with advisers and offices covering Paris, Berlin, Rome, London and Israel , our team is dedicated to a simple objective:

Fostering a better understanding between Europe and Israel, providing expertise and credible sources for copywriters, and countering negative narratives.

We achieve this through our select network of targeted journalists within the principal and most respected media outlets in Europe that we have painstakingly built up over the years. We offer select briefings with Israeli political thinkers, politicians, business people and civil and cultural society. We also regularly bring European journalists for a ‘boots on the ground’ experience, allowing many, for the first time, to see Israel from the inside.

Israel’s credibility and legitimate aims and aspirations are under significant pressure, particularly from a European media often heavily briefed by Israel’s political opposition across the Middle East but also within Europe’s own political institutions.

We are here to not only defend Israel, but to ensure that she is understood, and at least written about fairly, objectively and constructively. That, in a nutshell, is EIPA.