It would be wonderful to be able to bring every journalist who writes about Israel to the country, but it is simply not possible. That means that we have to bring Israel to them.

Our Briefings take place in Europe’s big media capitals, primarily London, Paris, Brussels, Rome and Berlin, but we also venture further afield, Stockholm, Madrid, Warsaw to name but three.

We bring prominent Israeli experts from leading think-tanks, social and political commentators, experts from the realms of security and counter-terrorism to facetime with Europe’s leading journalists from the ‘elite’ outlets like the BBC, Le Monde, La Republica, Die Zeit, Le Soir, Wall Street Journal and more.

These briefings offer the Journalists the opportunity to dig deeper into the issues, to engage, interact, ask questions and gain insights and analysis that you just can’t get from a 5 minutes phone or down the line interview.

Our direct engagement with European journalists regularly pays dividends. Over the years our briefings have led to hundreds of positive articles on Israel – its challenges as well as its opportunities – and has gone a long way to redress the common imbalances that affect coverage of the world’s only Jewish State.