Acres of print and hours of sound are spent covering Israel in the media. In many cases by Journalists who have never set foot on Israeli soil. To us that’s like writing about how a food tastes based on what you read in a recipe book. Of course, you can get a sense of how the ingredients all come together. But the actual taste?

We have always believed that  the best way to talk about Israel is when you have been there. To understand it, to appreciate its complexity and diversity you have to go there. To taste it.

To date we have taken 12 delegations of European journalists and broadcasters from major European media houses to Israel. Once on the ground, the journalists meet and engage with Senior governmental figures, politicians of all hues, stakeholders, those serving on the front line, as well as all those who are making the country tick economically and developmentally.

Naturally, the conflict and security issues take up a sizeable chunk of these trips. But Israel’s greatest asset, the indefatigable spirit and resilience of its people, its innovation and its expertise, are just as important.

So, along with trips focused on the peace process and threats to Israel’s security, we also bring journalists to meet the innovators of the “Start-up nation”. People involved in High tech, agriculture, water, business, innovation, medicine and entertainment.

Our trips aim to reach as wide an audience as possible on Israel, changing the narrative to the better, finding lines of commonality, empathy and shared interest. And they lead to increased engagement, opportunities for follow-up, and crucially, more fair and balanced reporting.