New government in Israel. New opportunity for renewed dialogue with the EU?

EIPA Press Briefing, 7th July 2021
‘New government in Israel. New opportunity for renewed dialogue with the EU?’



is a leading authority on EU-Israeli relations and the European Union integration process. She is Director of the Program on Israel-Europe Relations at Mitvim (The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies), one of Israel’s leading independent think-tanks, and Co-President of the European Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI). She is an adjunct professor at the European Studies MA Program of the European Forum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the European Union Studies BA program at Tel Aviv University. She teaches about the European Union and the European integration process, EU – Israel relations and comparative politics. Dr. Sion-Tzidkiyahu is also an adjunct professor at the Executive and Senior Public Servants Programs at the Federmann School for Public Policy, the Hebrew University, where in addition to the courses she teaches, she is also the academic coordinator of field trips courses to Brussels, Paris, and London. Her PhD is in European Studies and Political Science (Comparative Politics). She appeared numerous times in TV and Radio news and programs on European Union related issues and published op-eds in Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, and Times of Israel, among others.


is a leading Policy Analyst on Middle East political and security issues, EU-Middle East relations, as well as EU foreign policy aspects and European defense integration at the Europe in the World Programme of the European Policy Center (EPC), a Brussels-based think-tank. Global powers competition in the Middle East is the focus of his PhD research. Before joining EPC, Mihai worked for the European Business Summit and prior to that he was part of the Security and Defense Program of the German Marshall Fund of the United States. There, he focused on transatlantic relations, US foreign policy, cybersecurity and NATO policies. He also held positions at the Secretariat General of the European Commission on political and security issues and in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Middle East affairs. Mihai Chihaia holds a BA in International Relations and European Studies and a MA in Security Studies and European Integration from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania. Scholarships at Portugal’s University of Beira Interior and Tel Aviv University afforded him firsthand insights on European politics and the Middle East.


‏spokesperson of the Israel ministry of foreign affairs



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