Who we are

Europe Israel Public Affairs is the only secular and non-partisan lobby group working at the heart of the EU Institutions.

Based in Brussels, right beside the European Commission, European Council and within easy reach of the European Parliament, our team of lobbyists and communications experts is dedicated to a simple objective:

Connecting Europe and Israel.

We develop networks between parliamentarians, civil servants and staffers and their counterparts in Israel, facilitate dialogue and create events and opportunities enabling stronger political, economic and cultural ties between the EU and the State of Israel.

We love Israel. We know it as a dynamic, fast changing, pluralist society. Where innovation in health, technology, agriculture and environment to name but four are changing lives around the world for the better.

We know it as the only real democracy in the Middle East, where human rights are respected and where political debate and opposition are positively encouraged.

And we know it as a place with one of the richest cultural tapestries in the world, where different Jewish cultures from around the world mix with Christian, Arab, Bedouin and Druze cultures creating a heady and utterly unique mix. This produces some outstanding talent in music, art, film and theatre.

Why are we telling you all this? Because for us Israel is about so much more than just conflict.

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