On the EU agenda

11 MEPs from across the EU and from across the political spectrum got together and authored a written declaration on the funnelling of EU Aid to terrorist organisations.

A written declaration is a type of political petition. If it gets more than 376 signatures (half of the Parliament) it prompts a formal debate in the European Parliament.

In 2013, the Court of Auditors published a report denouncing the lack supervision of EU Aid funds to the Palestinian Authority.

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Additionally – and just very recently – the French and German governments requested the European Commission to urgently tackle the matter and ensure that taxpayers’ money doesn’t end up in terrorist hands.

The Commission is in charge of the distribution of EU Aid to a number of  countries outside the EU.

These funds are supposed to be used to support humanitarian crises or for development projects, for example.

The European Parliament, as the only directly elected EU institutional body does not have any proper control, input, oversight or adequate scrutiny on how these funds are being directed or spent.

Calls have been made for a much more transparent approach and much more politically accountable scrutiny.

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